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I appreciate all the love and support for my artwork.  Making art is my passion and I am privileged to do the thing that makes me fulfilled in life.  Making artwork takes a considerable amount of time and money to research and exhibit with sometimes no monetary help.  By donating with the button above, you are contributing to the continuation of my work. 
As a thank you, if you would like to contribute $35 or more, I will send you a small token of my appreciation, a miniature keepsake diptych wall art (an example shown below).  These beautiful pieces chronicle my journey as an artist by taking the remnants of art and my surroundings that would be normally discarded and preserving them in resin.   I am unable to honor specific requests but I will create a piece for you that I know you will enjoy.  Please be sure to notate in the special instructions of your donation what address you would like your piece sent to and if it is a gift.
If you are interested in my other works and would like to inquire about commissioning a piece from me, please use my contact link and message me about the project you had in mind.
I again thank you for your time and donation.